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Glyco-Kinetic Update

Integrative Therapeutics has discontinued one of our favorite products, Glyco-Kinetic Complex.  We have been comparing a few items for a replacement and have settled on Glycemic Formula from Mountain Peak Nutritionals. We still have a few of the Glyco-Kinetic Complexes left, but have also received our first shipment of the new formula and it is available for purchase.

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Leptin – a master hormone you didn’t know about

Originally posted over on Dr. Megan’s site

Leptin was discovered in 1994 as a hormone that is secreted by adipose or fat cells. It is the major signal from the body to the brain letting it know what the energy stores are like. It plays are role in metabolism, regulation of reproductive and thyroid hormones as well as satiety. Leptin has receptor sites in multiple places in the body, but we primarily consider it the satiety and starvation hormone. When fat stores are decreased leptin levels are also decreased, and it signals the brain to eat more food. However, when fat stores are increased, more leptin is also secreted. If too much leptin is secreted for too long, the brain can have a hard time recognizing that it is elevated, and the end result is that you feel increased hunger, this is called leptin resistance.

What Causes Leptin Resistance?

1. Inflammation: Generalized inflammation can harm the hypothalamus in the brain, making it less receptive to leptin signals

2. Free fatty acids: elevated triglycerides block leptin transport across the blood brain barrier, blocking signals that the body has enough fat stores and does not need to eat more.

3. Genetics: There are some genetic mutations that are correlated with higher rates of leptin and individuals carrying a mutation on LEPR gene could see higher serum leptin levels than those without the mutation.

So What Can We Do to Lower Leptin Levels?

1. The Basics: Eat real food in moderate amounts, exercise and get adequate sleep. All of these contribute to a balanced and healthy body. This is the foundation work to getting your leptin corrected.

2. Adipo-Leptin Benefits by Davinci – This supplement contains 4 ingredients known to help with lowering leptin levels and help patients lose weight.

a. Green Coffee Bean Extract: contains two compounds to provide an energy boost without giving you the stimulating jittery feeling that coffee often does.

b. Brown Seaweed: Contains a carotenoid, fucoxanthin, which may serve as an antioxidant specific to adipose cells.

c. African Mango: It uses its unique properties to support the function of Leptin and Adiponectin, which help to reduce the conversion of complex carbs into sugars. Leptin and Adiponectin also support fat burning and hunger management.

d. Green Tea Phytosome: Potent antioxidant activity and for weight loss support.

DaVinci Formulas Adipo-Leptin Benefits is a one of a kind formula that isn’t available from other supplement companies. It has a unique combination of ingredients that supports the reduction in leptin levels when combined with good dietary habits and exercise.

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Online Supplement Store

We are launching our online supplement store today!  This service is available through the Charm Patient Portal and can be accessed on the Order Supplements page.  We will be offering 25% off all orders and FREE shipping through August 17th.  The 25% will be refunded to your card after the order is placed.  This new service will allow you to order directly from the inventory in the office and choose to either pick it up or have it shipped to your home.  After August 17th, shipping will be $7.25 for orders under $50 and FREE for orders over $50.  We use USPS 2-day, so you should receive your package within 1-3 business days of ordering.  If you don’t see an item listed or have other questions, please give us a call at 913-888-0331 or send a portal message to the Front Desk.

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Why You Need a Nighttime Routine

Check out this post, originally on Dr Little’s website

Ideally, we will spend up to 1/3 of our lives sleeping from the time that we are an infant to becoming an older adult. Infants regularly sleep between 11-19 hours a day and the average adult should be sleeping between 7-9 hours a night, and in some cases up to 10. However, the demands of life including work schedules, responsibilities at home, and activities with friends are often put ahead of sleep, causing us to drop below 7 hours a night. It is a debt that must be paid back. Americans prioritize healthy eating, exercise and hobbies over a good nights’ sleep. And as many as 40% of Americans are sleeping less than 6 hours a night. According to the CDC, 31% of adults in Kansas and 34% of adults in Missouri report sleeping less than 7 hours a night.

If you accumulate between 5-10 hours of sleep debt by only sleeping 5-6 hours a night during the work week, you will not be able to make it up on the weekend without consequences. Taking long naps on the weekend might feel good in the short term, but often can result in poorer sleep once Sunday rolls around, setting you up for worse sleep throughout the rest of the week. Dr. Anthony Panettiere, MD, and neurologist and sleep expert has a short video on YouTube where he explains why trying to make up sleep debt on the weekend is problematic. So how do we start to take back our evenings and get into bed at a reasonable hour?
We have to make it a priority. Cleaning up your sleep habits by practicing good sleep hygiene will go a long way to improve your sleep and reduce the sleep debt owed. Going to bed as little as 15 minutes earlier can make a difference in how you feel the next day, but even better, would be setting a regular sleep schedule. Setting a wake up time and a bed time that is the same every day is an important part of this. Put it in your calendar, just like you would an appointment. Set intentions, making it a priority to begin winding down for the night at least one hour before you plan to go to bed.
Try including some of the following tips to help your mind and body prepare for bed
· Put away your electronics: phones, tablets, computers and TVs all emit blue light, which can decrease the production of melatonin, making it more difficult to fall asleep
· Dim household lights as much as possible, this will signal your body that it is time to start winding down
· Listen to soothing music: This can help you calm your mind and destress from the day
· Take a hot shower or bath: The body’s core temperature must drop at night to be able to sleep and taking a hot shower can actually stimulate your body’s cooling system, making it easier to fall asleep
· Journal: if you don’t journal, even reflecting on the day, the things that went well, things you still need to do, and the things you are grateful for can help get thoughts out of your head and calm your mind
· Gentle stretch or yoga: Releasing some of the physical tension in your body can help you to relax your body as well as your mind.
It is all about your mindset and creating a night time routine is just as important having a morning routine. Having a pattern to follow will help to minimize sleep debt and make it more likely that you will climb in bed at a reasonable hour giving your body the rest it needs.
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Through September

Free B 12 shot with the purchase of a Glutathione injection!

How can glutathione Injections help?

  •       Heart disease
  •       Chronic fatigue
  •       Increases immune function
  •       Boosts cognitive health
  •       Chronic diseases
  •       Detoxification
  •       Slows aging process

Glutathione is a very potent antioxidant that plays a crucial role in the human body. It is found in almost every single cell and is involved in multiple processes, even though it is most well-known for its role in detoxification and its ability to neutralize free radicals.  The highest concentrations of glutathione exist in the liver, where detoxification primarily takes place. In addition to its detoxification abilities, it also scavenges and neutralizes free radicals and helps with the recycling of other antioxidants (vitamins C and E) to keep them in their active form.

Glutathione is synthesized from three main amino acids, glycine, cysteine and glutamine. And while it is possible to increase glutathione levels from consuming these extra amino acids, intramuscular injections provide a quick increase to support the body’s needs at times of increased demands. It is possible to take oral glutathione, however it is less efficacious, due to it being broken down by enzymes as it passes through the digestive tract. In one study performed in 2013 participants had to take 1000mg orally for 6 months to see a 30% increase in blood concentration. Within one month of stopping supplementation levels had decreased back to baseline.

So what causes an increased demand for glutathione in the body? Life!

Excess demands for glutathione occur when the body is exposed to prolonged stressors such as chronic illness from both bacteria and viruses, a build-up of toxins from pharmaceuticals, infection, radiation, pollution and carcinogens. All of these put a demand on the body for glutathione. When glutathione levels are low the immune system doesn’t function as well and inflammation can be increased.

There are minimal side effects with glutathione injections, but it is important to talk to your doctor about what supplements and medications you are currently taking.

For more information, watch the video below by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD.

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Price Change

Many of you have already asked about our new doctor and services.  We appreciate your interest in our growth!  I was in Banff last week working on an intensive program teaching business owners how to take care of themselves so they can perform better.  I will be back this week, then I will be in Santa Fe leading a women’s retreat with Tina Sprinkle.  Having time for complete health immersion is a passion of mine, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do it.  While I’m gone, Dr. Little will be carefully making sure your needs are met.  She will be in contact with me daily.  If you need a consult while I’m out, she will relay all the details to me.  Our goal is to make sure your needs are met faster and addressed by a licensed doctor under my supervision.  She also takes her own patients.  In addition to her thorough training, she spends time daily learning specifically about the methods and treatments I have developed.  So far, having an extra doctor in the office has been so helpful that we hope to make this “teaching position” permanent.   Our goal is to make those visits more affordable for everyone.  Starting in August, my rates will increase.  This was a difficult decision, as some of my most treasured patient relationships include bus drivers, school teachers, and phone operators.  However, it will allow us to provide the staff that can care for you the way I want you to be treated.  We have an acupuncturist with 35 years of experience for second opinions and complex neurological problems.  We recently added an engineer / data analyst for office management, technology, accuracy, and process improvement.  Jay is excited to combine is passion for health with his analytical skills.  We are increasing hours with Sam, our admin with a heart of gold, who has over 10 years of experience in holistic health.  Sam cares deeply about every detail with every person she helps.  We are able to staff our lab with an on call mobile phlebotomy expert for your appointments.  LaVita runs Caresticks and manages nearly all the mobile phlebotomy in Kansas City for nursing homes and medical facilities.  We are fortunate to have her personal service from our office and sent to your home.  Dr. Little is helping with all the details on the back end, which means you have a fully trained doctor helping with things that are typically assigned to a medical assistant or nurse.  Adding experience to the staff is an exciting time for me.  As some of you know, my first and hardest experiences in medicine started as a patient.  My biggest dream when I began school was to provide a space with compassionate care where the complicated people don’t slip through the cracks.  We have had a bumpy road, but we work every day to try to shift a broken system to achieve that dream.  Every policy and change that we make is ultimately an effort to work toward that goal.

Since I’ve been asked, I want to reiterate to everyone that I am not discontinuing care with anyone.  My schedule has been tight and I want you to have someone you can call if needed.  I also want to offer a more affordable option for those who need it.

Rates will increase in August.  ANYTHING booked before then for ANY time in the future will be honored at the previous rate.  There is no limit to the number of visits or type of visit you can book at the previous rate.  It applies to appointments booked over the phone or online.  I hope that makes up for anyone who is overwhelmed by this change.  My new follow-up rate will be $250.  Dr. Little will be available for follow-ups at $135 and new patient consults at $275.

Some of you have been with me for many years and have my personal contact info.  I LOVE being able to help when you need something.  My hope is that I can do that more as we grow.  For now, please use the patient portal for anything that is not urgent.  This allows us to utilize Dr. Little when I am traveling internationally so you don’t have to wait.  It also cuts down on my inbox so I don’t miss urgent messages.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, thank you!  It’s truly a pleasure to watch your journey of personal growth, improved health, and to see you be able to feel better and do the things that matter most to you.  Your soul / spirit only has one vehicle for this life, and you will have this body for the remainder of the ride.  Learn to drive what you have, appreciate the parts that work, and take care of it because you won’t get another one.  You need your body to carry you to do the things that mean the most to you.   Keep up the good work with your self care.  Thanks for supporting our continued effort to improve!

Dr. Alicia Johnson, ND

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