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Leptin – a master hormone you didn’t know about

Originally posted over on Dr. Megan’s site

Leptin was discovered in 1994 as a hormone that is secreted by adipose or fat cells. It is the major signal from the body to the brain letting it know what the energy stores are like. It plays are role in metabolism, regulation of reproductive and thyroid hormones as well as satiety. Leptin has receptor sites in multiple places in the body, but we primarily consider it the satiety and starvation hormone. When fat stores are decreased leptin levels are also decreased, and it signals the brain to eat more food. However, when fat stores are increased, more leptin is also secreted. If too much leptin is secreted for too long, the brain can have a hard time recognizing that it is elevated, and the end result is that you feel increased hunger, this is called leptin resistance.

What Causes Leptin Resistance?

1. Inflammation: Generalized inflammation can harm the hypothalamus in the brain, making it less receptive to leptin signals

2. Free fatty acids: elevated triglycerides block leptin transport across the blood brain barrier, blocking signals that the body has enough fat stores and does not need to eat more.

3. Genetics: There are some genetic mutations that are correlated with higher rates of leptin and individuals carrying a mutation on LEPR gene could see higher serum leptin levels than those without the mutation.

So What Can We Do to Lower Leptin Levels?

1. The Basics: Eat real food in moderate amounts, exercise and get adequate sleep. All of these contribute to a balanced and healthy body. This is the foundation work to getting your leptin corrected.

2. Adipo-Leptin Benefits by Davinci – This supplement contains 4 ingredients known to help with lowering leptin levels and help patients lose weight.

a. Green Coffee Bean Extract: contains two compounds to provide an energy boost without giving you the stimulating jittery feeling that coffee often does.

b. Brown Seaweed: Contains a carotenoid, fucoxanthin, which may serve as an antioxidant specific to adipose cells.

c. African Mango: It uses its unique properties to support the function of Leptin and Adiponectin, which help to reduce the conversion of complex carbs into sugars. Leptin and Adiponectin also support fat burning and hunger management.

d. Green Tea Phytosome: Potent antioxidant activity and for weight loss support.

DaVinci Formulas Adipo-Leptin Benefits is a one of a kind formula that isn’t available from other supplement companies. It has a unique combination of ingredients that supports the reduction in leptin levels when combined with good dietary habits and exercise.