Naturopath specializing in Women's Health, Hormone Balance, Weight Loss, Fertility, and Holistic Medicine.

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My Patients

People often ask me what kinds of patients I see.  I see people who have slipped through the cracks in the system.  People who are looking for help but can’t find it.  I work with people who are tired of feeling tired, overweight, unhappy, and chronically ill.  I work with lots of different conditions, some serious and some subtle.  My most common patients are females age 30’s to 50’s (although I see older and younger patients).  Often they are trying to have children and cannot, or they have had children and their bodies and minds have never functioned the same way again.  Women are often told that after they hit 30 or have kids that they simply have to accept the changes in their bodies.  We are told that we must accept being overweight, tired, and cranky.  I disagree!!  I argue that we are not meant to hormonally and metabolically shut down, at this age or any age.  In many cultures, women enjoy fit, healthy bodies and sharp joyful minds into their elder years.  Why not you??  Our way of life has taken a toll on our endocrine system, leading to a number of conditions that are overlooked by mainstream medicine.  I believe that your quality of life and happiness can and should be prioritized over everything else.  We can use a scientific approach to assessing the biochemistry of your body works to push your chemistry back to where it wants to be.  Whether that is through diet, nutrition, exercise, herbs, acupuncture, or medication changes, you can change your life if you just understand what your body needs to function optimally.  My average patient is tired, sad, anxious, overweight, frustrated, and lacking a sense of purpose.  With the right tools, that same person can blossom into someone with good health, new dreams, new goals, and more energy.  Changes in health often lead to confidence that spreads through every part of your life.  Many people make this transition and never look back.