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Is Testosterone Dangerous?

Is testosterone dangerous?
There has been some concern in the media over testosterone supplementation. My initial reaction was to wonder “Did the testosterone cause heart attacks and stroke, or did the studied men simply require testosterone because they already had a serious health problem?” The research on this topic suggests that this theory may be correct. A recent analysis published in A…pothagram by Bruce Biundo, RPh, pointed out some flaws in the studies. The most recent study that is being quoted actually states that there is no excess risk for men younger than 65 who supplement with testosterone and have no history of heart disease. Another recent study showed than men with the lowest testosterone have a higher risk of all-cause mortality. Studies that connect heart disease and stroke with testosterone include patients with AIDS, HIV, drug abuse, liver disease, lymphoma, metastatic cancer, and renal failure. In that same study, 20% had a history of heart attack, 50% had diabetes, and 80% had coronary artery disease. 36% had testosterone injections (before we understood the flaws associated with injections). It appears that we are at risk of doing the same thing we did with estrogen. Rather than look rationally at the data, we immediately panic and think testosterone is bad. Our hormones are not bad for us. They are not a flaw in our design. They are essential controllers of our behavior, mood, metabolism, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and musculoskeletal system. Emerging research continues to suggest that low hormones are a significant problem. Does that mean we should carelessly overdose men on Testosterone therapy? Of course not. Do all men need a prescription to raise their testosterone? No. Let’s not lose sight of the reason for the increasing popularity of testosterone use. Men’s levels are getting lower, and having a normal level feels better. As with any manipulation of the endocrine system, if you do it wrong, the results are unpleasant. When done safely and with experience, the results are life changing.