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Low Fat Low Carb

It has come to my attention recently that even though we discovered that the “low fat” fad of the 80’s was not helpful, we continue to perpetuate the idea that fat is bad.  Now, we also say that carbs are bad.  Do you ever stop and wonder “what am I supposed to eat?”  When I ask people what they  think they are supposed to eat, they say “lean meats and veggies”.  This is what I call a recipe for failure.  You are trying to entirely remove 2 major macronutrients.  Even if you have the discipline to do it, and I have seen plenty who do, I have seen that the outcome isn’t good.  We know what happens when you try to remove fat and eat all meat and carbs.  We have seen it for decades now.  Diabetes.  As we shift away from our diabetic inducing diet, doctors are now prescribing a low fat, low carb, low calorie diet.  People eat lean meats and veggies until they are starving, then eat a candy bar.  Or 5 pieces of fruit.  That’s not what we are trying to accomplish.  If you are trying to decrease your carbohydrate intake, you need to purposefully increase your intake of healthy fats.  Otherwise, you will not be successful.  If you are trying to eat right, end your recipe for failure, and start planning for success.  Plan to eat enough calories, including healthy proteins and fats.  Plan for about 120 carbs per day.  What are healthy fats?  More on that in the next post.  I think that we have to admit that maybe we’ve had that all wrong as well…