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What Your Doctor Doesn’t Have Time To Tell You

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Have Time To Tell You:
  1. How to eat to stay thin
  2. How to exercise and get results
  3. How to manipulate your diet to treat illnesses
  4. How to use home remedies that actually work for common illnesses
  5. How to use basic psychology, physiology, and nutrition to have kids you like more
  6. How to improve your appearance from the inside out
  7. How to find happiness without pills
  8. How to know if your lifestyle is incompatibly with our basic physiology
  9. How to find realistic ways to prep / buy / order food that is good for you
  10.  How to find resources (many of them free) that can help you feel and perform better

The average doctor spends between 9 and 16 minutes in each visit, depending upon their specialty. Your doctor doesn’t have time to tell you about how to feel well.  Your doctor has time to make sure you’re not very sick.  There’s a big difference.  In fact, most doctors do not know much about how to feel well.  They’ve spent years on overdrive.  Overachieving in school, overpaying for student loans, overworking in the office, and overexending themselves trying to keep up with all of their committments.  Having time to eat right, sleep right, think right, and stay active are distant ideals for most people in health care.  The lack of knowledge about “wellness” isn’t the fault of your provider.  It is simply the reality of a broken system.  The medical system is designed to teach a systematic approach to eliminating symptoms with pills.  Many doctors eliminate symptoms very well.  Many doctors are also excellent at emergency intervention.  They are simply not taught to think about how to prevent the disease state causing the symptom.  That literally is not part of medical training.  So we really can’t blame your doctor for not knowing how to make you feel well.  Chances are, your doctor isn’t able to keep herself feeling all that vibrant either.

The purpose of this blog is to teach you all of the things you should know about your body.  Upcoming posts will be your interactive owner’s manual.  I will help you learn how to maintain your body, inside and out.  It is the only body you will have.  You get to drive it until it doesn’t work anymore.  Take good care of it, and you might just enjoy the ride.  While I don’t answer clinical quetions via e-mail, I will take your questions.  Whenever I can, I will post answers publicly so that your answers can reach more people.