Naturopath specializing in Women's Health, Hormone Balance, Weight Loss, Fertility, and Holistic Medicine.

Opening Hours : By appointment only
  Contact : 913-888-0331

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New Patients

If you are a new patient, please call the office at (913) 888-0331 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about what to expect.

You can even schedule a free 15 minute phone consult with Dr. Little to learn how Aspire Health can help!


New Patient Appointment
A complete assessment of your history, previous labs, and symptoms. New labs will be ordered. A temporary dietary and exercise program may be started.
Visit is 90 minutes.
Follow-Up Appointment
Can be done in person or on the phone.
Visit is 45 minutes.
Metabolic Testing & Review
$125 (fall special!)
Open to new and existing patients. Total visit is 1 hour, must be pre-paid and includes:
- brief review of medical history, goals, and previous diagnoses to determine bloodwork to be ordered.
- two blood draws: fasting and post-meal (provided).
- written lab interpretation and treatment plan including referrals, follow-ups, supplement, diet, and exercise recommendations within two weeks.
Cash price for labs can be quoted upon request, otherwise billed to insurance.


(Must be purchased over the phone or in the office)

Sleep Restoration
One (1) 90 minute new patient consult.
Two (2) 45 minute follow-up appointments.
Comprehensive ZRT sleep profile test ($219).
20% off supplements recommended and purchased at each visit.
Other labs not included, ordered as needed.
Retail $764 ($89 savings).