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Slowing the Aging Process

Our most up to date understanding of the aging process tells us that protecting our telomeres means protecting our youth. A telomere is basically extra junk at the end of a strand of DNA. The telomore does not really do anything. The ends of our DNA tend to deteriorate as we age, meaning our telomeres get shorter. Once the extra junk at the end is gone, we start losing DNA that actually does important stuff. When we lose important stuff, we start to deteriorate faster. The good news is that we are finding more and more information about how to protect that “junk” at the end so that we can protect the important DNA from damage.

The telemore length is testable.  It is also something we can protect.  Nutrition and hormone balance are two major ways we can control how fast our DNA is aging.

Interested in knowing more?  Check out this video testing telomeres