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Saturated fat

Ever looked at a bottle of human breast milk? What’s floating at the top? A thick layer of fat. That fat doesn’t look like olive oil, right? It looks like butter. Lard. Saturated fat. But surely there’s a little bit of “healthy” oil too, right? Some olive oil? Nope. Maybe we should give those babies a statin with that milk!

The truth is that we were designed to consume saturated fat.

If you believe that the food here on our earth is bad, and that fat in a bottle is good, you’ve seriously been duped.

Points to advertisers, and statins are your consolation prize. Whenever I talk to people about this, they always start asking me about their favorite bottled fats. Salad dressing and hummus.

Am I saying that salads and hummus are bad?!

Let’s just zoom out and get a larger perspective. What I’m saying is that nuts and olives on your salad are good. Olive oil and peanut oil on your salad are processed foods that should be thought of as a treat. How often can you have a treat? My perspective from working with many people who have healed from healed from chronic disease is this.

90% real food if you’re trying to make progress, and maybe you can do 80% if you’re just wanting to maintain your changes without further improvement. 90% of an 1800 calorie diet means 180 calories come from a source that isn’t a “real” food. Saturated fats like grass fed butter, pastured eggs, and grass fed meat can be part of your diet, and shoot for about 50% plant fats as well.

Think nuts, olives, avocado, and coconut. What about coconut oil? I can’t tell you that I’ve done a double blind study of the oil vs just the coconut. My assumption is that cracking the coconut is better, but coconut is saturated fat (more stable) and isn’t as susceptible to changing on the shelf. No fats (including coconut) in nature are exposed to air. Nuts have a shell. Avocado has a skin. Eggs have a shell. Air damages fat and makes it less healthy for us. Saturated fat doesn’t get as easily damaged by air. It’s more stable.