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Vitamin D: Reduce All Causes of Death

We are deep into the winter months and many people are dangerously low in vitamin D.  Why does this matter?  A recent study showed that giving IV Vitamin D reduced causes of all cause mortality.  I found this interseting–something that makes you less likely to die of…anything.  We don’t all need to have IV Vitamin D to have normal levels, just regular sunlight and / or a Vitamin D supplement.  I don’t think it is realistic fovitamin Dr most people to expect that they get adequate sun exposure.  We have only been 99% indoor animals for a short period of time.  For far longer, we have been outdoor creatures that thrive on vitamins in our food as well as the vitamin that we manufacture when we are exposed to sunlight.  In order to get enough sunlight to make normal vitamin D, you have to be outside naked for about 20-40 minutes every day.  I sure am not doing that!

Vitamin D is apparently so vital that getting enough makes you less likely to die of all causes.  I recommend a liquid 2000 IU Vitamin D drop on the tongue.  Liquids are cheaper in the longrun, and I believe that the drop is a better form of delivery than the pill.