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Meat, Cancer, and the Bacon Craze

The paelo and keto movements have glorified bacon, sausage, and other high fat processed meats.  While it is true that saturated fat may not be the main cause of heart disease, that doesn’t mean that bacon is good for you.  

Regular intake of processed meats is bad for your digestive tract. The curing process changes the meat and produces carcinogens.  Whole natural meats with high vegetable intake seem to be safe.

Vegetables have a protective effect on the digestive tract.  

The studies that are being publicized indicate that the biggest problems come with high processed meat diets without vegetables.  I think it is important for parents to realize that bacon and deli turkey are processed meats and can’t be the only protein their child eats.  Lots of meat without veggies will put you at risk for colon cancer, which is a real and serious risk.  Don’t totally jump on the paleo bandwagon and think that bacon wrapped ham is healthy.  It isn’t good for your digestive tract.  Grass fed meats in reasonable portions AND veggies seem to be a much safer choice than ham and pepperoni.  A “paleo” diet is one that mimics a diet your ancestors would have eaten:  Real Food.  Your ancestors didn’t eat hot dogs and Brauts.  So listen to the info that is coming out and remember that it isn’t new.

Processed foods are often bad for you.  Vegetables are good for you. 

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