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Broccoli Without Bloating?

I made a discovery recently that I am very excited about. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage are my favorite veggies. But alas, if I eat the smallest amount, I get a substantial amount of abdominal pain and I look like I am 6 months pregnant. Recently at a nutrition seminar, I was learning about people that have abnormal sulfur metabolism and molybdenum deficiency. My wheels started turning. Molybdenum helps your body process sulfur / sulfites, so would it help people who can’t digest broccoli without discomfort? Well, last week, I cautiously decided to eat cauliflower and took molybdenum. About a half hour later, I hear “did you eat a WHOLE cauliflower?”. I began to think maybe I made the wrong decision. But I survived. The next day, a whole head of broccoli. The next day, a bag of Brussels sprouts. Next on my list: too much cabbage. I am so excited I want to share it with the world! Not everyone would be this excited about being able to eat broccoli, I know,  but I hated having to avoid it. I hope at least one poor soul out there who can’t eat broccoli is happy to read this!

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