Naturopath specializing in Women's Health, Hormone Balance, Weight Loss, Fertility, and Holistic Medicine.

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VIP Plan

If you are a new patient or a returning patient and want to learn more about our VIP plan, simply book a free 15 min consultation to ask questions.  Our VIP patients have designated time slots each day for last minute booking and priority access.  They have access to supplements and other over the counter products at 30% off, and have unlimited access to appointment times during normal business hours.  If the doctor is out of the office, you will have special access to phone appointments or a physician who has access to your records for special needs.  Our VIP care is designed for people who want quality service and access whenever needed.  No questions to nurses.  No portal messages.  You get a call when you need a call and direct access to your doctor.  Your time is valuable, your health care should be individualized, and you shouldn’t have to speak to a new stranger who doesn’t know your case every time you need something.  We are able to provide you with documentation for your plan so that you can submit it to your insurance as an out of network provider expense which will help you meet your deductible.  In addition, you will receive a basic “medicine cabinet” so that when you are sick and over the counter medicine is appropriate, you will have what you need on hand for immediate treatment.