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Why we use True Health

We primarily use True Health because they guarantee a max out of pocket cost that is very low if insurance doesn’t cover it.  It is lower than Quest. This is the only way we know to avoid unexpected lab costs.  This is what we recommend.

Why we charge a lab processing fee

We offer a unique lab service that allows you to have your specimens sent to different labs to get the best price on everything.  Unlike other labs, we do this without any markup, back billing, or profit of any kind. Our small lab fee minimally covers the costs of the space, supplies, and staffing it takes to provide this service.  Every day, this service literally saves patients thousands of dollars on the very expensive tests that we order. We encourage you to use our lab not because we make a profit. We don’t make any profit. We want to prevent lab bills as much as we can by sending to the labs with the best billing practices.  You may get something from insurance saying that a lab isn’t covered and the provider can bill you the difference. Please remember not to worry, we don’t mark up any labs so there is no bill coming from us. If you are concerned about a bill, take a photo and email it. None of your lab bills come from us, but we can tell you what to do.  It’s better to ask for help than pay a bill that doesn’t look right.